Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Plan and Progress

My Plan for the rest of the semester is to work on my Big Question, i have already found a ton of cool things about the human brain's potential and excited to make blog where i can post all my findings. My next steps are to figure out if Jon Hoffman is still doing his blog about the brain so i can just join him. I believe this will benefit others because some of the things I have found have changed the way i think. My blog should be up by this weekend with this interesting and i mean interesting! video on "Athene's Theory of Everything" (it has a lot of things on how the brain functions and it's reactions to the outside world)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Study Plan

What i plan to do to to pass the AP Exam with at least a 3: I'm already in the process of practicing for the multiple choice questions, including the reading comprehension sections. After the MCQ's, i'm planning to work on my essay's with these books i got from the library and just keep practicing until i get good at expressing my ideas and opinions effectively.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Macbeth notes

The witches are about foreshadowing They are giving a prophecy
-The witches say that Macbeth is going to be a king
Macbeth is introduced with the image of him holding a word in “a bloody execution.”
-Angus and Ross are addressing Macbeth as king
-Macbeth is taking the throne because the former king is on trial for treason.

Literary Elements
-Foreshadowing with witches
the chestnuts in her lap rip away manhood/sailors wife=Macbeth’s wife
“ Hover through the fog and filthy air.”
At the banquet scene (at mid point in the play), Macbeth can no longer hide his torment and guilt and incriminates himself saying "Thou canst say I did it." From this point forward in the play, there is no hope for Macbeth. His mind and his country sink into chaos. It is obvious that he is beyond the point of recovery, and his story will end tragically.
Dark, brooding, and evil this is developed by the four witch scenes, Macbeth's sick mind, and the chaotic state of affairs.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Top 3

Katie Enstad: : Great Stuff!
Nicole Montoya: :mind map could use a little more but I liked her vid remix.
Noe Bernal: 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

L.A. Notes for "The Dead" by James Joyce


Gabriel Conroy
-A young teacher of literature who is the protagonist. He doesn’t love Gretta he loves to control Gretta.
-Gabriel’s wife.
Michael Furey
-Gretta’s lover who risked his life for his love and lost it. Who effects Gabriel’s being towards the end of the story.
The Morkan sisters (Julia and Kate)
-Two elderly sisters. Hosts of the party. Very fond of Gabriel, who is their nephew.
Lily the housemaid
            -Greeted by Gabriel in a mean way as she greeted the Morkan sister’s guests.
Miss Ivors
-A teacher who dances with Gabriel. Teases him about being a writer for a conservative paper.
Mary Jane
-The Morkan sister’s niece who lives with them.
-The drunk cousin. He provides comedy to the story and party.

            A home of the elderly Morkan sisters and their niece, Mary Jane, in Dublin. The occasion is an annual dinner and dance for the family and friends of the Morkans held during Christmas week every year.
The revelation about his wife Gretta’s long ago love shatters Gabriel’s complacency about his family and his career.
            The theme of this work is self awareness/awakening. Gabriel finds out that he was not Gretta’s first love. The man that loved her died for their love and Gabriel becomes aware that he is insignificant to a woman he just wants to control and doesn’t really love. He’s not really jealous but more impacted by Gretta’s love story.
            The tone of this story is fun and lively. Joyce knows how to paint a picture of a lively crowd at a party. Towards the end the tone shifts to a less fun but neutral tone when Gabriel becomes more self aware of his life.
            As soon as Gabriel arrives to the party he tells an unfunny joke to lily about her love life and attempts to tip her. He then thinks about his speech he will give later that night. He dances with Miss Ivors who teases him on his career and after that he cannot take his mind off their conversation. He sees his wife indulged in the song playing. When the leave the party and  arrive at the hotel she cries and tells him about Michael Furey and their love. She falls asleep and he engages in deep thought about his life and career and ponders his life decisions and self.